Book Janine as your keynote speaker


Janine Starkey, the creator of House of Janine, a qualified Fashion Designer built this brand over 10 years ago, her career began in the film industry and had the privilege of dressing SA’s most renowned celebrities and she learnt the art of illusion dressing and styling through her experience.

These talks inspire people to make the most of who they are – to understand their body shapes, the do’s and don’ts of style and to love who they are regardless. Janine is interactive, motivating and a charismatic speaker

Option 1 – for women only

Look good, Feel good, Perform! – book now

Janine’s past successes and failures allow her to relate and identify with the delegates; she uses her story as a way to engage with the audience and tells stories from the Egoli days to illustrate her point. Janine then facilitates an interactive exercise which begins her illustration of how style can go wrong with the outfit she is wearing. This is funny and entertaining but has a strong message. Janine believes if you look good, you feel good, if you feel good you perform in every element of your life. The audience is then invited to interact with Janine, asking question about their style, having their body shape and style assessed – this has been Janine’s signature key note address for 10 years.

Individual style, body shape, colour and overall image
45 min keynote but please allow time for interaction


  • Audience will be motivated to pay attention to their style
  • Individuals will learn about themselves
  • Self-worth and Self-image will be elevated

Option 2 – for men and women – book now

Inside & Out

With the ability to reach the hearts of men and women, Janine touches on the value of branding and image, focus on first impressions and characteristically engages with the audience to ensure they have the tools to get it right.

Both men and women are encouraged to participate and the response is overwhelming

First impression will be assessed
45 min keynote but please allow time for interaction


  • Realizing the value of self-perception versus first impression
  • That first impression is critical
  • Tools each individual requires to TWEAK their first impression
  • Style Sells

Option 3 – men only – book now

Face it

Men have a difficult time asking the hard to ask questions; Janine ignites the questions with illustrations of men from her past who have had her ear over the years. These illustrations are funny and relatable. The male audience will take away the answers to solving the question of brand image in the workplace and the how to of style themselves to success

45 min keynote but please allow time for interaction


  • The whole package, head to toe of style
  • The value of brand and image
  • From Style to success